Clean spikes

pyspedas.clean_spikes(names, nsmooth=10, thresh=0.3, sub_avg=False, new_names=None, suffix=None, overwrite=None)

Clean spikes from data.

  • names (str/list of str) – List of pytplot names.

  • new_names (str/list of str, optional) – List of new_names for pytplot variables. If not given, then a suffix is applied.

  • suffix (str, optional) – A suffix to apply. Default is ‘-avg’.

  • overwrite (bool, optional) – Replace the existing tplot name.

  • nsmooth (int, optional) – the number of data points for smoothing

  • thresh (float, optional) – threshold value

  • sub_avg (bool, optional) – if set, subtract the average value of the data prior to checking for spikes

Return type