Average data

pyspedas.avg_data(names, dt=None, width=60, noremainder=False, new_names=None, suffix=None, overwrite=None)

Get a new tplot variable with averaged data.

  • names (str/list of str) – List of pytplot names.

  • dt (float, optional) – Time window in seconds for averaging data. It can be less than 1 sec.

  • width (int, optional) – Number of values for the averaging window. Default is 60 points (usually this means 60 seconds). If dt is set, then width is ignored.

  • noremainder (boolean, optional) – If True, the remainter (last part of data) will not be included. If False. the remainter will be included.

  • new_names (str/list of str, optional) – List of new_names for pytplot variables. If not given, then a suffix is applied.

  • suffix (str, optional) – A suffix to apply. Default is ‘-avg’.

  • overwrite (bool, optional) – Replace the existing tplot name.

Return type