PySPEDAS Documentation

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PySPEDAS is an implementation of the Space Physics Environment Data Analysis Software (SPEDAS) framework in Python.

The SPEDAS framework is written in IDL and contains data loading, data analysis and data plotting tools for various scientific missions (NASA, NOAA, etc.) and ground magnetometers.

PySPEDAS and pyTplot make creating multi-mission, multi-instrument figures simple, e.g., to create a figure showing magnetometer data from Solar Orbiter, Parker Solar Probe, MMS, and THEMIS,

import pyspedas
from pytplot import tplot

time_range = ['2020-04-20/06:00', '2020-04-20/08:00']

pyspedas.solo.mag(trange=time_range, time_clip=True)
pyspedas.psp.fields(trange=time_range, time_clip=True)
pyspedas.mms.fgm(trange=time_range, time_clip=True, probe=2)
pyspedas.themis.fgm(trange=time_range, time_clip=True, probe='d')

tplot(['B_RTN', 'psp_fld_l2_mag_RTN', 'mms2_fgm_b_gsm_srvy_l2_bvec', 'thd_fgs_gsm'])

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